Vivek Center for Interdisciplinary Studies (VCIR)

            Since our distant past, human cultures have evolved by relying on an innate virtue of prudence and discretion. Evolution of an organic cultural entity depends on sagacious enterprises and feedbacks to various situations and challenges. For such an insight, a thoughtful discourse or colloquial interchange is necessary among the intelligentsia of our society.

            The core idea of Vivek Vyaspeeth and VCIR, is to provide a platform for the fruitful discourses among various scholars and renowned researchers in our society. Today, we are facing many trials on multitudes of fronts. These trials can only be overcome through creative responses. The creativity can be brought to fruition by expanding the horizons of our perspective.

            Novel perspectives and perceptions provide us with unique outlooks. It is crucial for the overall development of human society and its endurance. Unfortunately, our own intelligentsia is constrained in the dogmatized and blindly indoctrinated worldview.  The fervor of various custodians disables them to acknowledge the necessity of different perception. There is an utter need to promote a democratic discourse among various standpoints.

            A considerate discourse is the only mean by which an ingenious and original prospect can be recognized in human mind. Broader the horizon; firmer and clearer will be the vertex of human understanding and consciousness.

            VCIR tries to bring forth and create an ecosystem in which this wisdom promoting discourse can be held. It is a stage, on which different outlooks are not just invited but are heard and contemplated.  Honest and open dialogue leads towards the innovative synthesis of various thesis and anti-thesis.

            Varieties of scholars, researchers are invited on this dais to contribute with their original viewpoints, theories and acumens. Breaking down the barricades of ideologies and dogmas, this is an opportunity to reach a crystal clear awareness and a comprehensive grasp of diverse knowledge domain.         

Activities of VCIR

  • Identifying various scholars and researchers in different knowledge streams
  • Inviting them to be a contributive part of this venture
  • Building a reliable network of all such scholars and researchers
  • Promoting, organizing and convening the discourse oriented activities and events for these scholars
  • Building a digital platform and a discursive forum for the interchange of ideas, digital publication of works of various researchers, scholars and the proceedings of various events held under the banner of this venture
  • Arranging different workshops, seminars, conferences and symposiums in cohorts with various institutions and dedicated organizations
  • Creating an ecosystem and an opportunity to thoroughly ponder over novel themes in the respective knowledge streams
  • Planning a series of publications emphasizing these novel outlooks and themes considered by various scholars
  •  Maintaining a vibrant and communicative digital forum for sustaining and expanding the network of scholars, and platform’s scholarly activities.
  • Identifying new streams and topics for the initiation of future researches and investigations.
  • Promoting and helping novel as well as original research initiatives.

The subjects in which new initiatives are being taken up-

  1. Anthropology
  2. Archaeology
  3. Indian History
  4. Political Science
  5. Economics
  6. Philosophy
  7. Psychology
  8. Linguistics
  9. Literature
  10. Arts
  11. Core Sciences
  12. Future inter-disciplinary approaches and applications.